Season 1 Caskett VS season 6 Caskett :)

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So, anyone else excited to see these two?


So, anyone else excited to see these two?

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Anonymous asked: That some fans still don't get that the Hamptons and JB's dress were not what Kate and Castle wanted for their wedding still surprises me! The show is about the characters not certain fanons (if that's the correct word?). These people love the characters so love what they love (like the original dress Kate was going to wear-it may not be your taste but she clearly loved it). The show shouldn't be written purely to satisfy some fans fantasies.




And you know, I see it in peoples Tumblr comments, and even in certain fanfics all the time. That Castle/Beckett end up wanting to have the wedding they planned – in the Hamptons with her mother’s dress. And I don’t get it. Because that’s not the wedding they planned. At all. That wedding was planned a day by Martha and Lanie. It was last minute strung together which they were happy with because it meant they were getting married.

But these are two grown adults that were planning a wedding for over year, and never once did those factors enter into their consideration or planning. She had a different dress, they had a different venue planned. This was not their dream wedding that got spoiled by the accident. It was a fan fantasy that got spoiled by the accident. And I think for some fans in a lot of ways, that probably makes it worse.

But I actually really want to see what happens now. Because, they might actually just get to choose to get married in a – probably different than they originally planned but still – manner of their choosing, and not something hurried together by family and friends.

Yes, they’re not going to be able to use her mother’s dress, or possibly the Hamptons venue again. I’m not sure it was intentional, but I did find it humorous that the response to certain fan outcry of “oh come on we could plan the wedding better than this!” Was to give the fans exactly what they had said they would’ve planned, and then take that away. Be careful what you wish for, I suppose.

All of this. I love the creative efforts this fandom puts forward, and some of my favorite fics have featured a wedding similar to the one Martha, Alexis, and Lanie put together in 6x23, and that’s okay. That wedding works for the fan created story, but when it comes down to it, that wasn’t the wedding Castle and Beckett on the show wanted to have. So no amount of crying about the downfall of what was essentially the fandom’s perfect wedding will convince me that everything is awful from here on out and nobody will want to see the next chapter in the story, including whatever Castle and Beckett’s wedding ends up being. Because that’s a ludicrous assumption that really feels more like sour grapes than any sort of factual argument.

Yeah, I mean it’s like the idea that they have now “wasted” her moms dress. Jim didn’t just conjure it up out of the air when called upon. If Kate wanted, or was considering her mom’s dress she could have, and would have, asked for it. But it wasn’t what she wanted. It never even came up. It’s not like Kate said “well, I’ve been given this dress but, for sentimental reasons I’ve always wanted to wear my mother’s, so now I have a choice to make.

Whether or not that’s a little bit creepy for some – it would probably be different if her mother were alive, and offered it to her to wear, or if it had been something we knew the character considered. But it feels a little weird and times because that WASN’T brought up like that. Instead, it was the second choice item that was used because it was available, and not because of some sort of sentiment. It didn’t mean to her what it did to some of the fans. So how was it wasted? The story is about the characters and their journey. Sometimes that’s going to match fans desires, sometimes it defies those expectations.

Honestly, in my opinion, after seeing how all of season 6 played out, I don’t really think the Castle writing team cared or even put much of an effort into planning what Caskett’s idea of a perfect wedding, since they clearly had every intention of crashing it (pun intended). All the wedding planning was so scattered throughout the season in little scene here or there that all we ever got were small details. We never really saw the complete picture, so to speak, so no one can really definitively state what Caskett’s idea of their ideal wedding would have looked like. However, what the writers’ choices did show us was that Caskett just wanted to get married. Castle and Beckett didn’t care where, when, or how. All they required for a “perfect wedding” were each other, as demonstrated in “THE GREATER GOOD”. In the end, all they need or want are each other. End of story.


Stana/Kate leg appreciation. Well, EVERYTHING appreciation.

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